Shop Policies

Allchlosu. Shop Policies:


  • In-stock packages are normally shipped out 4/5 business days after purchase. This time frame is not guaranteed, as I am a one-person business.
  • In the case of custom orders or pre-orders, the production time will factor in for when your package will be shipped out. In those cases, the listing will state a rough estimate of production dates.
  • I ship domestically and internationally! Shipping is a flat rate of $4.90 for US customers. Domestic shipping is calculated depending on where you live. The shipping price covers the cost of the label as well as the materials used to package your items.
  • Shipping is mainly through USPS. Once an item is shipped out, it is out of my hands. I can't ask the people shipping your item to ship it faster.
  • The average amount of time it takes to be delivered after drop-off is 3/4 days, but it could be as fast as 2 days or as slow as 10-15 days. It all depends on the state of the post office system.


  • Since I get packages out pretty quickly, you have about a 24-hour window after your purchase to cancel your order. To do so, please email me ( with your order number within that time frame.


  • If there is a problem with your item once it has been delivered, please email me as soon as possible ( so that I can try to resolve any issues. Due to the items being handcrafted, I do not accept returns or refunds on customized items except in the rare situation of damage during shipping.
  • I cannot accept returns on earrings. It is unhygienic to resell earrings, especially since there is no way to prove if the customer has already worn them or not.
  • Returns on photocard holders will only be approved if I receive and confirm photos of damage.
  • If your item arrives damaged, please include a picture of the item in your email with the order number. Every situation is different, so the problems will be handled with a case-by-case mindset.
  • Extremely minor flaws (such as slight divots in the acrylic) do not qualify for replacements, mainly because these flaws are not rare and occur in most batches. These flaws do not affect the appearance when the photocard is inside of the holder.

How to Handle Your Earrings:

  • Only use the earrings as earrings. I know this may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised!
  • Do not get your earrings wet! If there is a cleaning issue, you may clean the piece with a damp cloth gently, but do not submerge the earrings in water.
  • Do not bend the piece. While polymer clay is flexible when properly baked, the piece may be warped if you attempt to bend it.
  • This is a personal tip: If you drop a stud earring on the floor, pick it up so you don't step on it! (It really hurts, trust me!)

Photocard Holder Care Guide

  • Carefully remove the outer protective film with a needle or safety pin (Two layers of film)
  • If you see any heavy scratches/cracks UPON UNBOXING, please tell me as soon as possible.
  • Please sleeve your photocards when using to protect them from scratches/damages!
  • If holder becomes dirty, carefully clean acrylic and avoid using harsh chemicals/cleaners.
  • Holders are NOT waterproof. Please take extra care around water, especially if you are using real photocards. I recommend using a sleeved fake picture if you want to take your holder out on a rainy day. I am not responsible for anything that happens to photocards or the holders if exposed to the rain. Please keep in mind that wet ink from any card might stain the surface.